Chiropractic Testimonials


My four year old daughter has suffered from chronic constipation for several years now. The only solutions the doctors could give us were to increase her laxatives and stool softeners. After just a few short trips to Dr. Jerry, our daughter is now having normal bowel movements without the assistance of any medicine. Our daughter loves going to see Dr. Jerry because she knows he will help her to feel better. We could not be more thankful to Dr. Jerry and his staff; they have been absolutely wonderful!!


We started bringing our son Colbin to see Dr.DalCanton when he was only a couple months old. The doctors “diagnosed” him with acid reflux. Within the first couple weeks of Dr. Jerry working with Colbin we noticed a vast improvement. Between the wonderful staff and Dr. Jerry’s warm touch with children Colbin loves to go “play” with his new friends at Kids First Chiropractic!


Like many young children during the first few years of their lives, my son Brendan experienced numerous ear infections. I repeatedly took him to his pediatrician, and the pediatrician repeatedly prescribed various antibiotics. After his third ear infection in nine months, I decided to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist to inquire about ear tubes for my son. This specialist told me that although he thought Brendan was a candidate for tubes, we needed to “wait and see.” Obviously I questioned what he meant by “wait and see.” The specialist told me that if Brendan experienced FOUR more ear infections then he would consider putting tubes in his ears. At this point, I felt frustrated and lost. The antibiotics were not working for my son, and I knew Brendan was going to have to experience more ear pain and more sleepless nights before the issue could possibly be resolved with tubes. This is when I started my own research into the treatment of ear infections. I discovered that chiropractic care was a possible solution to my son’s problem. I began researching various chiropractors in the area, and Dr. Jerry was the chiropractor that came highly recommended from family, friends, and co-workers. I was reluctant at first. However, when I arrived at Dr. Jerry’s office for my first visit, Dr. Jerry’s compassionate, caring, and professional demeanor eased my tension. More importantly, my son developed an instant bond with him. After Brendan’s first adjustment, I noticed a significant change. Moreover, my son has not had one ear infection since he began chiropractic care. Brendan is now 2 ˝ years old, and he has been “ear infection free” for 15 months. I accredit Brendan’s success to Dr. Jerry. I truly appreciate what he has done for my son.